We were tasked with redesigning a package of our choice. I chose to redesign Newcally magnetic lashes. Part of the assignment was to only use type in the design, so everything is made out of either text, or letter forms. The "lashes" are made out of c's. 
Starting with their design, I decided to redo their logo as well as changing the packaging itself. I wanted to make the fact that the lashes are magnetic the selling point. On their original packaging, it doesn't have instructions, what is included, or the fact the lashes are magnetic. 
On the inside of the package I decided to make an extra element of having a sheet of paper with instructions on it. When opening the package the closed "eyelashes" on the front cover changes to open "eyes". The sheet of paper sits just smaller than the package so it is easy to pick up
Overall, the redesign of the package was done to include what the important aspects are: the instructions, what's included, and the fact that the lashes are magnetic. The color choices were then made to entice a younger generation while maintaining an interesting retro look.