This project was a surprise assignment. We were tasked with creating a package for a random object we had on us at the moment, my choice was a ring.  This is the second part of the logo project in which I created a logo for the company Polished: which finds and refurbishes used jewelry. 
My first sketches were mainly different material ideations. I wanted an eco friendly package, so I started creating ideas of packages that could be used as a storage container. 
At the second round of editing, I worked on combining two of my ideas into one. I wanted a package that is kept and remains useful. So I came up with the idea of container that polished the ring with you close the lid. 
I worked in Illustrator to create mockups of my package idea to size. There would be two sizes to this package, a large and a small. The small size would be 1/5'' across and 2'' tall. 
After creating the basic mockup in Illustrator, I worked on branding the package. I used colors and the logo that I previously created for the Polished brand.
I also created dyelines for the sticker and instructions that would come with the package. The round sticker would be placed on the bottom of the package.