These are all posts created for Evergreen Podcasts where I work as a Graphic Designer. 
I used assets provided such as podcast covers and logos, then created the posts using brand guidelines.
These posts were used to promote the podcasts and blogs on social media. They went out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
These are images created for Evergreen celebrating 2 Million downloads and our first 500k month in May 2021 . They were created in Illustrator and used across all social media channels. 
Below are images created for celebrating the 2021 Media Top Startup Summit. I designed them after the style of the social share provided to us.  
These are images created to celebrate Five Minute New's 500th episode. I used the brand colors and provided background from the cover art. 
These images were created to promote an article that was written in RollingStone magazine about Joe Katz, the host of The Katz Walk. I used provided assets such as the podcast cover art, Rolling Stone logo, and the satin background image. 
These designs was created as a promotional post to celebrate Evergreen hitting 4 million downloads in 2020.They were created in Illustrator and edited by Evergreen's Chief Creative Officer David Moss.  
These following images were created to celebrate 3 million downloads at Evergreen Podcasts in 2020. They were created in Illustrator and edited by Evergreen's Chief Creative Officer David Moss.