These are all blogs written for Evergreen Podcasts. I write, edit, and create promotional posts for them along with choosing and editing hero images. These blogs are posted on the Evergreen website.
"We at Evergreen LOVE holidays, and is there anything better than a holiday all about sharing love? 
Valentine’s Day is a day where you can relax and spend time with your family and loved ones, but sometimes you may need a little bit of help figuring out something to do for the big day. 
To get you in the mood and give you some ideas, here are a bunch of podcasts and blogs that are all about love, romance, and Valentine’s Day itself!"
"This Christmas season, enjoy some extra holiday joy with Evergreen’s special Cheer Episodes!
Cheer is our own special way of celebrating the holidays with all of our listeners. 
Join us year-round as we celebrate the magic of the holidays! From St. Patrick's Day to Christmas, from Flag Day to Halloween, we bring to life the magic of the holidays. Instead of a stale greeting card every season, we give you enchanting narratives, iconic music, and silly interviews that the whole family can enjoy. 
Here is a list of all of our Christmas themed episodes, perfect for listening with the family!"
"This holiday season, enjoy time with your family with one of the very best holiday traditions… baking! 
Fun for the whole family, holiday treats = the most delicious time of the year. 
There is just something special about holiday recipes. Maybe it's the way you only get them once a year, or maybe it's the fun of making them together; whichever it treats always taste better than anything else. 
Here at Evergreen, we love listening to our podcasts when we bake. So here are some pairings of the best recipes (along with the best podcasts) to try out this holiday season. "
"Those first couple of weeks of dorm life can be tough. If you're lucky-you have access to a cafeteria. If you're not lucky- the cafeteria makes terrible food, or you don't have one at all. 
Some dorms only have microwaves, and some have full kitchens. Some colleges don’t even have their own cafeteria. Whatever the case, everyone knows that college students go through a lot of ramen. 
If you want to spice up your recipes this semester, here are some of the best recipe resources that are out there."
"With working from home being the new norm, we wanted to compile some of the best tips to help keep both your mental and psychical health in tip-top shape. 
It's important to take care of yourself, so let's get right into some of the best ways to maintain a healthy work/home environment. "
"We know how challenging college can be. Late nights studying, early morning classes, and so so much caffeine. 
College is that much harder when it's your first year. Transitioning from high school to dorm life can be tough. Learning new studying habits, and creating lasting relationships is even harder. 
Below we've compiled a list of the Top Ten Podcasts that can help you make it through your time at college. 
Everything from keeping your dorm clean, engaging your mind, and of course, podcasts for your downtime, we’ve included them all."
"Designing a podcast cover is no small task. From the title to the subtitle, and logo marks, sponsorship marks, image or illustration, there are endless choices that have to be made. 
Here at Evergreen, we have designed and updated quite a few podcast covers. With many different podcasts, all with different content and categories, we have to work in a lot of different styles while creating. 
So what are the steps of designing a podcast? "
"When looking for a new podcast to listen to, many times it is the title that jumps out and grabs your attention. Whether it is a quirky saying, a bold typeface, or some brightly colored font, sometimes a title is all you need to become interested.
This week at Evergreen Podcasts, we are looking at The Best Punny Podcast Titles and the ideas that go along with them. "
"With everyone in quarantine or social distancing, many are turning to cooking as the new skill to learn. Cheaper than taking online classes, and tastier than learning yoga, cooking seems to be all over everyone's Instagram feed. Everywhere you look, people are sharing all sorts of quarantine recipes from bread to potstickers to homemade pasta.
But cooking requires a lot of time and your full attention. So what can you do while cooking? 
Try reading a book while you are baking and you may end up with brownie batter covering the answer to the who-dun-it, or eating a slice of cheesecake and finding that bookmark you thought you lost. 
Streaming TV could be the answer, but then you can get in trouble when you are distracted for too long watching the screen, and the soup you created boils over. 
Here at Evergreen, we believe podcasts are the perfect solution."